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    1.Positive People 2.Painkillers 3.Milk (tea without is foul!) 4.Sunshine and blue skies 5.Designer cast offs
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    Attitude and persistence is worth more than knowledge
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    We thought by telling you what we are going to achieve each day - that we may actually do it! Nothing like putting yourself under pressure to get things done. Thought we should just stick to 5 key things! If you want to share what you are committed to achieving today - then let us know and we will publish them! 1. Finish TX questionniares 2. Finish Synergy Proposal 3. Take Pippa to vets for jab 4. Make all outstanding calls 5. Start on referral institute actions


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If we can do it - anyone can!


Hi - we are Audra and Sue - two 40 something blondes in business together! So here is a little about us....

Hi – my name is Audra Lamoon – strange name but I love it! When telling people how to pronounce my name I tell them to say “ordra pint for me please”!

I live in Kent in a little seaside town called Deal with my dog Coco.
My career began in the passenger shipping industry, working for market leaders Sealink British Ferries, P&O European Ferries and Hoverspeed. My key roles were Passenger Manager, Training Manager, Deputy Port Manager and Promotions/Duty Free Retail Manager.

I progressed into the arena of Facilities Management, working in a senior management position for Pfizer UK Limited focusing on managing refurbishment, relocation, building and engineering facilities on multiple sites. Through these roles I was fortunate to work in various locations including the United States, Ireland and the developing regions of the enlarged EU.

As a Senior Consultant I have managed the demanding expectations of companies such as LUL, the world’s number one media company and Railtrack, delivering workshop solutions on projects in varied sectors. I am totally people focussed establishing relationships based on trust, respect, professionalism and fun!

These are the things I do in our company’s Your Impact and Kawader Impact:

• Private and professional coaching for executive business performance
• ‘One on one’ coaching and development of training videos
• Presentation skills and presentation critiques for large bids
• PFI Consultancy
• All the finance stuff – because Sue won’t!
• Getting ideas off the ground
• Tailoring training course designs for company’s in construction, shipping, hotels, Government, media, PR, leisure industries
• Global networking activities
• Partnering and Associate formation

I also help to raise the profile and funds for dog charities and have helped raise funds for the construction of a veterinary hospital for wildlife, forming relationships with media to include television exposure and various events to raise awareness.

This all makes me sound not like me – but when it comes to work I am really adamant about getting it right and giving the client what they need – outside of work - well that is another book!


Hi my name is Sue Gilkes – like Audra people have trouble pronouncing my name too – the surname that is! If you’re having trouble pronouncing my first name, we may have trouble! So phonetically it’s Soo Jillkes – Does that help?

Well regardless – it doesn’t really matter – I have been called many things! I don’t mind.

Ok – I live between Bristol and Bath – with 2 of my children – well one is an adult now and whose boyfriend lives with us and one is sixteen. The eldest has left home but lives down the road.

I have three dogs currently – Holly my own dog and Rocky and Pippa my foster dogs – but Rocky will stay forever now – too old to move on and Pippa - well she is my naughty child – plays up each time I find her a home so she gets returned!

I’m a grandma at 43 to 3 grandchildren! Shocking and lovely!

In regards to work, my style is apparently one of ‘doing it’! Ok come on be serious – experiential learning, self discovery and on the job training. In my opinion training is often a waste of time and money – unless it is immediately transferred to the work place, is relevant to the work place and provides a return on investment. I like nothing more than a challenge of a target of improvement.

I have written weekly columns on Customer Service and Leadership for a national newspaper abroad and is a Certified Business Professional Instructor (CBPI) in Leadership, Customer Service and Sales.

My strength (we don’t believe in weaknesses!) has always been my relationships and practicality – asking straightforward questions and giving straight answers – when a business is at stake, real action is required.

These are the things I do in our company’s Your Impact and Kawader Impact:

 Management training
 Leadership Programmes
 Effective Meetings
 Customer Service
 Consultative Selling
 Counselling skills for managers
 Coaching services
 Communication skills
 Performance management
 Time Management
 Goal Setting
 Stress Management/Meditation

I also have to do the techy side of things as Audra won’t just like I won’t do the finance – we’re a match made in heaven!

I also am a avid dog fan as you may have gathered and quite often in the summer you can see me at a stall trying to get people to part with their cash for dogsfriends.

What else can I say? I love walking and reading, want to live back in Barbados – that is one of the things I get called ‘Barbados Sue’. Love to have a drink and a giggle. So that’s it enough from both of us – if you want to know lots more – and if you haven’t already bought the book – then you better hurry up! You can find it here:

Audra and Sue signing off…………………….


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